The One Where Chelsea Has a Baby" Baby Shower Cake - A two-tier cake featuring a molded teddy bear, baby bottle, and a "Friends" clapperboard, a heartwarming centerpiece for celebrating friendship and a new baby.

Friends Baby Shower Cake



Celebrate friendship and the joy of a new beginning with our "The One Where Chelsea Has a Baby" Baby Shower Cake. This delightful two-tier cake combines elegance and fun, with the top tier in charming purple and the bottom tier in classic white. Adorning the cake are meticulously molded symbols of babyhood, including a sweet teddy bear and a baby bottle, adding an air of tenderness and anticipation. The show-stopping detail is the "Friends" clapperboard that reads, "The One Where Chelsea Has a Baby," paying homage to a beloved TV series and marking a special moment in Chelsea's life. Whether you're hosting a baby shower with your closest friends or simply celebrating the joy of a new arrival, our cake is the perfect centerpiece to capture both the magic of friendship and the wonder of a new baby.



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