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Rustic Elegance Floral Cake - A two-tier cake with a rough edge design adorned with delicate freeze-dried pressed flowers, a captivating centerpiece celebrating the charm of nature and rustic elegance.

Edible Floral Cake



Embrace rustic elegance with our two-tier Rustic Elegance Floral Cake, a captivating masterpiece that combines the charm of nature with the allure of simplicity. This cake features a rough edge design that adds a touch of rustic charm to your celebration. Adorning the tiers are delicate freeze-dried pressed flowers, each petal preserving the grace of nature's beauty. The result is a cake that exudes timeless allure and a connection to the natural world. Elevate your occasion with our Rustic Elegance Floral Cake, a perfect centerpiece for those who appreciate the artistry of simplicity and the beauty of flowers.

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